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In November 3, 2017, the Changning District branch of Shanghai's support Army foundation was held at the Shanghai Public Security Frontier detachment. The deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Changning District people's Congress of Shanghai, Liu Ying, President of the Changning District branch of the Shanghai support and the superior foundation, the director of the Shanghai Changning District Civil Affairs Bureau, the vice president of the Changning District branch of Shanghai City, the vice president of Changning District, and the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Changning District, attended the meeting. Zhang Weihua, senior partner of Shanghai Hyatt law firm, was also invited to attend the work conference.

The meeting informed the work of the Changning District branch of Shanghai's support Army foundation in 2017 and the overall work arrangement of the Changning District branch in 2018. The conference calls for the Changning District branch of 2018 to focus on the good public welfare project of "the establishment of the two hugs model city", to standardize the working process of the Changning District branch, and to advocate the principle of frugality, effectiveness and rationality, and strive to become a public welfare social organization with the satisfaction of the party and government, the troops and the superior people, and to accelerate the construction of Changning. We should make due contributions to the deep development of mobile civil military integration.

In December 4, 2017, the Wuxi Municipal Intermediate People's court held the theme publicity campaign of "National Constitution Day". My senior partner, Sun Jianfeng, was invited to participate.

The "National Constitution Day" held by the Wuxi intermediate people's court includes three processes: the oath ceremony of the judges of the court, the tour of the court and the ten major news conferences of the company law of the court. The oath of a post judge is a faithful belief in the constitution. Observing this ritual is conducive to enhancing the credibility and sense of mission of the Constitution and the law.

"Execution is a powerful way to carry out the administration of justice," our lawyer said. By observing the execution center of the court, it is more familiar with the implementation of work arrangements and understanding of the continuous improvement of execution.

In the end, our lawyer participated in the ten major case press conference organized by the court, and held a lively discussion on ten typical cases. The typical cases of the ten major companies have a good guiding significance to the company's litigation. They are the helmsman of the direction of the company's litigation. It is the vane of the case handling and trial. It has a positive guiding role on the judicial trial of the Wuxi regional company law. By participating in this event, I will also adhere to the principle of "above the Constitution Law", fully implement the standard of standard practice, so as to achieve the purpose of providing more quality of the legal service.

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